Glossary of printing terms.  
A2 - Paper size 420 x 594mm.
A3 - Paper size 420 x 297mm.
A4 - Paper size 210 x 297mm.
A5 - Paper size 148 x 210mm.
A6 - Paper size 105 x 148mm.
Artwork - The creation of a computer generated file.
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DL - Paper size 99 x 210mm.
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Finished size - The size of the job when all processes are finished.
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Paper weight GSM - Is how the thickness of paper is measured (Grams per Square Meter)
Press Ready File - An artwork file that is formatted & of a type that can be sent to pre-press.
Pre Press - Where an artwork file is converted into either film/s or a metal plate/s that is fitted to the printing press.
Printed Pages including Self Cover - The pages & cover are the same paper weight & type.
Printed Pages + Cover - The pages are a different weight and/or type to the cover.
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Saddle Stitched - Stapling where the wire staples pass through the spine from the outside.
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